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Welcome to My Art Website fellow artists and friends, the site holds many of my works including fanarts of tv shows such as Thomas and friends, Tugs, and filmation Fanarts, as well as General furries and other animals furs.
Since 2004 i had been mainly on a website community known as sheezyart for the folloiwing months till i head about a new place called Furaffinity, which is here i am mostly now, as well as updating this website with my own unique artworks and such.
The art takes me between an hour and a day depending on what it is i am drawing, and also how big it is, but most of my arts are drawn using Microsoft Paint, and i am hoping to get a version of photoshop to tidy some of the works up abit. but with the pries of computer tools nowadays, it may take me a long while to get hold of a copy.
My arts all all marked to prevent them being used elsewhre, and i am happy to make gift arts for friends, but not really difficult ones as i am not really a pro like some artsist i know and have seen on the internet.

12th April 2006

What's New?
All New Arts Added!

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