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Links to some of my most fave websites, furry and non-furry!


furaffinitybanner.jpg is the best online art website around, alot better than others i have been part of in the past and alot easier to function and upload artworks too.
I have made alot of new friends here at this site, some who i have known when i first joined in 2004, Exveefan, Sacred, Ashkihyena and many others are all friendly and the best of friends to me.


My friend Sacred from FA has a totally awesome website which he created on his computer and then published to the web using a website desktop building programme (Not sure which), and has over the months added cool sories, arts and friends to his page, including me, yay ^^.


Dragoneer's totally cool kick ass website, this has some of his best works by himself, others and furry friends, his arts are totally sweet, especially Dragoneer *Smiles*.
It's a cool website, that you will not want to miss out on visiting!



A New forum estblished this 2006, i myself am the owner and admin of the New Captain Scarlet Fan Forum, and so far it is coming along nicely, aise form Building Thomas forums, cause wlel, they are just too much for me, so instead i will be maintaining this website, as well as my art website (i.r. this website ^^).


Welcome To The Model Railway Fan Forums, a place to discuss, & talk about model railways. Model Railways is a great hobby for all ages, For Years Our Favorite companys Hornby/Bachmann/Dapol/& many others have been improving over the years, and more & more items are being released, including the new 'Live Steam', if your not into Model Railways, you can always talk about The Rev.W.Awdrys Creation(Thomas The Tank Engine) or Other Railways, i hope you will enjoy yourself here

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