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The many friends of Dannwolf!


Name: Exveefan
Type Of Artist: Anthro Artist
Species: Dragon
Exveefan is one of the best loved friends i have ever had, he lives down in Australia and i hope to someday go their to visit him.
He is a very friendly person, i first met him on MSN after a long time of being banned from Sodor Island Forums, and he always cheers me up when i feel down ^^.


Name: Sacred
Type Of Artist: Anthro Artist
Species: Bovine Bull
Sacred is also a great friend who i met on FA months ago, we also started chatting on AIM, and soon found we were going to get on just fine, we talk on MSN now and again, and i am always happy when he comes online, especially when he draws such cool arts of his character, and also mine when i least expect it ^^.


Name: VGM22
Type of artist: Photographer
Species: Pollymorph
VGM22 is my newest friend on FA, he has been so kind and has really helped me to forget my troubles about these so called FAN FORUMS which have really caused nothing but trouble.
i am greatful to him for faving my exveemon gift arts and he has really made me a happier person with his kindness! ^^


Name: Ashkihyena (Brandon)
Type of artist: N/A
Species: N/A
Ashkihyena was the first friend i ever met over on Sheezyart, he is a very kind person and has lots of great arts uploaded on furaffinity, some really lovely yiffy pics which i love to see ^^.
We still keep in contact and our friendship won't ever, end, cause i would be so sad if it did, i would love to meet him in person someday and get to know him better. ^^


Name: Buffalo_Bob
Type of artist: Anthro Artist
Species: Buffalo Minotuar
Buffalo Bob is another new friend on Fa, his awesome Buffalo Minotaur arts are very cool and very horny, he is kind and has also helped me to forget about these so called FAN FORUMS which seem to have brainwashed alot of people who are part of them, (apart from my friend Exvefan who keeps in contact with me via MSN). ^^


Name: Tasty_Malaki
Type of artist: N/A
Species: Dragon
Tasty_Malaki, a new friend also from FA, draws some very cool and sexy dragon pics, he is kind and sounds very hunky, i love it when he posts messages and adds *meep* and *licks*. ^^
His kind words have also helped when i have been felling down and out, and his art is something also that i will keep looking at as well as him ^^


Name: Joecool
Artist Type: N/A
Species: Cool Dragon
Joecool is a great new friend on FA, a cool guy and a really nice one, he has alot of greta arts, and i am happy to have him as a new friend. :)


Name: lonelylostwolf1
Type Of Artist: N/A
Species: Lunar Wolf

A new friend i have recently met on FA, he has a cool avatar, and is a great artist, have not yet chatted with him on MSN or AIM, but will get roiund to chatting with him very soon :)

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