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You can find out all about me here ^^

My History: 
Life is hard for me, being an 18 year old in all, going on 19 in July this year, wow, what a change it will be.
But, things have rnot always been easy for me, i mean, when i first arrived at places like Fan Forums and whatnot, i enjoyed them alot, this is when i was seventeen mind in 2004, things seemed alot different.
Of course i have met some strange people over the months and years, but not half as bad as the ones i met earlier this years, not by physical contact, but i mean over the internet, ones who caused me nothing but pain and misery over silly little things like forums, fansites, media and all kidsn fo crap like that.
and why you ask?
Becuase they enjoy making peoples lifes nothing but misery, my especially, from harsh phonecalls, to bad mouthed on Messengers, and then harsh e-mails regarding FAN MEDIA which is supposed to be for fun, not glory!
But apart from all that, i am totally over it all now, i need not worry what people like that feel or say about me, cause i have alot of great friends now, Exveefan, Sacred and Ashkihyena especially ^^
I mainly now make artworks for my own pleasure and for the many friends i have at Furaffintiy and also like to draw and produces artworks of characters from my fave shows such as Thomas and friends, Tugs, Bravestarr, Digimon, AD:JL and many others.
If i knew how to do commissions then i would gladly do them, but i am not a pro artists like some of my friends, so i'd rather keep to the basics which are easier and simple for me ^^.

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